Saturday, July 7, 2012

Exciting News :)

I'm sure everyone's first thought is we are having a baby but that's not our exciting news, sorry to disappoint all of you :). In the last few months, Derek and I have been rethinking our living arrangement. The last year has been very challenging on both of us and has become very expensive with each of us flying back and forth to visit each other. Back in January we started discussing our options, should I just jump the ship and leave my job and move to North Carolina in August, or should Derek come back and try to transfer to Mizzou. We began to weigh out the pros and cons of both scenarios. Leaving my job just didn't seem ideal with finances but Derek leaving Wake Forest didn't seem great either. But, after much thinking and discussing Derek decided he was going to go ahead and apply to transfer to Mizzou, in May, after his finals and see if he got accepted. This was one of the hardest secrets I ever had to keep because at first we weren't even going to tell our parents in case Derek didn't get accepted, but it of course leaked. After Derek got back home from his trip in May, he went ahead and sent off his application for transfer. Now begun the hardest part, waiting for the decision. Waiting for the decision seemed like the longest two weeks of our lives! Derek finally heard back from Mizzou on the Thursday he came home for my cousin Mandy and our friend Kelly's weddings. After he landed I was on my home to Washington for Mandy's rehearsal dinner and he called me to tell me he had arrived safely and that Mizzou had called him and he was ACCEPTED! I believe I squealed and began to immediately think about where we were gonna live and when we were gonna move Derek back (that's the planner in me). We of course told both our parents first and then spread the word to my Grandma at Mandy's wedding. I think our families and our friends are just as excited to see Derek come home as I am. Although Derek is sad to leave North Carolina and Wake Forest, but we are very excited to officially begin our lives as husband and wife (one whole year later). And I'm sure my parents and Derek's parents are very excited about getting our stuff out of their basements. After Derek is back, I will try my best to keep the blog updated! Until next time!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watson's first snow

He likes the snow!

Meanwhile Derek said it 60 degrees this morning in North Carolina and the high is going to be 65...must be nice Derek

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hey everyone! I hope you are all just as excited as I am for Thanksgiving! Derek is flying into St. Louis tomorrow and we will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving together, we are very excited. Derek, Watson, and I will all be reunited should be interesting to see how Watson handles not getting all the attention. This Thanksgiving is a very special one because we are going to be celebrating Grandpa Buhr's 80th birthday at Shawna and Doug's house--pretty amazing huh?! What a great milestone! I am looking forward to seeing both sides of our families this Thanksgiving! On Thursday we will also go to my parents house where we will be joined with my dad's mom and her husband, Harvey, and my mom's only brother, Duane, and his wife, Karen. It will be great to catch up with everyone especially since Derek hasn't seen any of them since the wedding! On Friday we will see my dad's side of the family at the annual Washington Parade of Lights, we are gonna bring Watson so we will see how he reacts :-) there will be pictures later. I ordered Watson a special Christmas collar that will be put on Friday too that he will be wearing to spread his Christmas cheer. Saturday is our annual Spaunhorst/Jacquin Christmas shopping extraordinaire. It involves lots of lovely ladies and many hours of shopping! I am looking forward to seeing everyone and we will be posting pictures soon. I wish everyone safe travels and a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Oh I almost forgot...someone got a haircut today...we aren't a puppy anymore. I am not handling this very well..but here he is. Is he not adorable :-)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Watson wants to wish a very Happy Halloween...can you see his halloween bowtie from the groomer? :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catching up in North Carolina

Hello everyone!!

I finally got to come see Derek in North Carolina again! It was so great to see him; we haven't seen one another since Labor Day weekend so it was nice to spend time with each other again. The trip here was quite a fiasco though, it tested my patience for sure! First, my plane got delayed from 6:05 AM to 7:25 AM, so my parents and I got up at 3:30 AM for nothing, and I was not going to get into North Carolina until 4:30...four and half hours later than orignally planned! Then we ended up getting lost and I missed my 7:25 flight so at the very last minute they put me on a flight to Minneapolis and it ended up working better because I got into North Carolina at 1:00 PM. Then I had to wait at the car rental place for an hour because they were out of cars, it was terrible. But, I eventually made it to Derek! I opened up my presents from Derek then we got ready and headed out to dinner and to see Ides of March--very fantastic we woud both recommend it. The theater was very neat and it had an IMAX. Today we went out to breakfast, went shopping, and went to a winery that is just down the road from our apartment. Now we are cheering the Cardinals on for a win!
 Here is a picture of the winery we went to on Saturday, very small and quiet. But very nice! And just to note; we were not the only ones there, some people are behind those trees haha

 Here is our attempt of a self portrait, pretty good!
Derek enjoying his glass of wine...don't worry he bought a box to go
Here is another picture...just for fun! Thank goodness for timers on cameras :-)

We went shopping and saw this giant griaffe, Derek was amazed!

Derek has booked his flight home for Christmas and will be home for about three weeks which will be nice, if I am still not in North Carolina...which hopefully will not happen. Derek is still enjoying school and has begun studying for final exams in Decemeber--good luck to you Derek! In puppy news, Watson is currently learning some new tricks. He can now sit, give paw, lay down, and an half attempt of rolling over. Other than my visit out here, there is not much other news! I hope you all have a lovely week and GO CARDS!!

Much love!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is rolling in!

Hello all!

It has been awhile! Here just a few new things that are happening. We received our wedding pictures back from Fresh Photo and they turned out absolutely beautiful, Derek and I could not have asked for anything better. We also got back our wedding video, which was also beautifully done! I hope each of you can see it sometime soon, I laughed and cried multiple times, Digital Productions did a fantastic job as well! Here is the link to view the wedding pictures and the password is July2011
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

I got to home last weekend to visit with family. On Saturday I did the MS Walk with Rose, Tiffany, Zack, and Crystal's family. Then later in the evening I BBQ'ed with my parents and then we went to Matt's house to watch the Mizzou game, Watson even got to come along and hang out with all us, he was being a huge snuggle bug with dad, it was pretty cute.

Watson has first haircut this week, the groomer said she would definitely recommend him coming in a few times a month so he could get used to the cut. His haircut almost took three hours because he was scared of the blow dryer and she said he did not like them messing around his eyes. He currently weighs in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces and a bunch of personality! He is doing better with the potty training but he is so hard to get mad at when he has an accident, I mean could you resist this adorable face?!

I am still currently looking for a job out in North Carolina, everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! I have applied at several other places and am patiently waiting! So in the mean time, I am going to fly out to visit Derek October 15th-18th. It will be a nice little get a way. Flights are getting more and more expensive with the holidays rolling in! Derek has been looking at flights for Thanksgiving weekend and said the cheapest flight he could find was around 400 dollars! But, what are you gonna do? As you all may have heard I am going to be an aunt! Matt and his girlfriend Sarah are expecting their first child in late Spring. We are all very excited and so are Matt and Sarah. Matt is determined that it is a girl, but whatever the sex of the baby it will have two great parents and an excellent aunt, if I may add :-) Derek is still loving school but stays very busy with homework! It amazes me how much homework he has! He has already started studying for his finals in December. I am sure he will do excellent!

I believe this is all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week! XO

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots of catching up!

Hello all!

I am currently writitng this blog from North Carolina in the RDU airport! I came up here this weekend to visit Derek and to furnish our apartment! Sorry for the delay in the is a little hard to blog with no internet! Derek had his first full week of law school and he absolutely loves it! I can see why the state and campus is beautiful and there are many new opportunities here! We will  have a lot of adventures in our future, which we are both very excited about! We were lucky enough to have Rose and Mitch watch our little guy, who is growing everyday. Watson has a lot of personality and is very spunky and energetic! He had his first vet visit, his vet loves him! She was showing him off and he of course just loved all the attention! He weighed in at 6 pounds and I was told he was a very healthly puppy, just what I like to hear!

A few weeks ago I got to celebrate Zack's 3rd birthday party as well! He got a lot of his favorite things including Spiderman and Toy Story items. We then had cake, ice cream, and pizza--all of Zack's favorite things. Here are a few pictures I got to capture.
 Zack loves his cake!

High fives after blowing out the candles

Here he is opening some gifts

One of Zack's favorite gifts he received...a talking Spiderman!

I also got the pleasure of getting to go to David's first football game of the year, he played a lot and Borgia pulled off a win! The game was very exciting and I was so lucky to have gone! I can't believe he is already a Junior this year, if it has gone this fast being a sister...I can only imagine how fast time will go when we have our own children...yikes!

Here is Coach giving the boys a little chat and you can see David he is #60, he played in the nose guard position at this game.

A picture with my "little" brother after the game
After the game we went home and fed Watson--I guess he was really hungry whoops

As I stated in the beginning of the blog, I got to visit Derek this weekend. It was so nice to see him and made me realize how much I miss him, this long distance thing is very hard! Unfortuantly we did not get much sight seeing done since we had so much to do with our apartment. But, we did get to try a few of Winston-Salem's delicious resturants. I think I shopped Derek to death but it was all worth it to him because he got his toy a 40" Samsong flat screen tv. He sat in front of it all night like a little kid staring at the screen, it was pretty adorable. We also got to visit campus and Derek gave me a tour. The campus is beautiful! The buildings have an old Victorian feel to them, and campus even has a resturant on campus called Shorty's that offers beer and wine--I was pretty impressed! The campus is so much smaller and calmer than Mizzou's which was very interesting! But, it was neat to visit and I think I embrassed Derek by taking his picture in front of things, but hey this is his school...right?

Here are some pictures from the entrance..everything is very wooded and shaded

 The chapel on campus and one of Derek's classrooms
 Derek loving my picture taking :-)
 The Law School
The seal outside the Law School (I can't find out how to flip it)

Here is Derek with the Deacon inside the Law School

I hope to be here soon with Derek and the puppy as well as in a furnished apartment. I had a lot of fun this weekend and can't wait to explore the state with Derek some more! I had a great time! Well I am going to keep waiting for my plane that has gotten delayed twice since 6:30 A.M., it has been a looooong day already and I still have to work tonight! I think a Starbucks trip is in order! I hope you all have a wonderful short week! I will try to post soon again with some wedding pictures, they are on the way! Much love!